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We help Professionals Stay Informed, Discover and Decide

We help scientists, engineers, healthcare and business professionals stay informed and find/learn about the tools that drive discovery, safety, productivity and progress.

We're passionate about making the world a better place by helping professionals be more productive.

How do we do that?

We help life scientists find the tools they use in their research.

We help engineers find parts so they can design the next product.

We help pharmaceutical professionals ensure the medication they produce is safe and effective.

We help professionals save time so they can be more effective in their jobs.

Our Markets and Platforms

CompareNetworks helps professionals by offering marketplaces that include detailed product information, industry news, product videos and in-depth editorial content that all help drive informed purchasing decisions. With extensive directories totaling more than 300 million products CompareNetworks provides the most up-to-date and efficient B2B marketplaces on the web.


We provide the largest online destination for engineers and technical professionals across multiple industries and disciplines. Our Engineering brands are the premier source for critical engineering content, information, insight, tools and community.

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Life Science Research

Life scientists have a massive array of tools to choose from. We help them find the reagents and equipment that will work best for their experiments so they can make ground breaking discoveries.

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Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Manufacturing

To help keep our medicines safe and effective we have created a solution for senior executives, technical personnel, scientists, and others to keep fully abreast of the latest trends and developments in the pharmaceutical manufacturing process.

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Dental and Eye Care

Since 2005 we have served the dental and eye care markets with multiple brands that provide a resource for dental and eye care professionals to find and compare tools and technologies to ensure they provide the best care possible.

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Laboratory and Applied Sciences

We provide industry-leading, comprehensive resources to support laboratory professionals in the chemical, applied science, industrial, biological, forensic and environmental sciences. We support every step of the buying journey by focusing on a wide range of in-depth content solutions for these scientists.

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2 Million Visits per month

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300 Million Products/Parts

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